Grow Your Business

At Wildcat Solutions we can provide business consultancy to help you grow your business – it’s not all about selling software,  We work with a variety of businesses in a wide range of sectors (including third sector).

The programme that will be delivered can be tailored to your own business requirements, depending on sector (including charities) but the basic strategy would follow the following outline path, generally delivered over 3 months (although it can be faster if you would like):

Month 1 – Who’s your ideal customer?  Drill down into existing customer/sales information, and use this data to devise “buyer personas”.  This will help you with your sales and marketing in the months to come.

Month 2 – The Sales Process – determine and document a repeatable sales process from initial lead to final sale.  Define clear steps to be taken every time to ensure no sales opportunity is missed.

Month 3 – Communication – set out a manageable and measureable plan for communicating with customers and prospects at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

The cost of this basic package will depend on the size of your business and the systems and processes you may already have in place – so we offer a free one-hour consultation in order to determine the best option for you right now in your business.  To apply for this then please complete this short questionnaire.

As part of the above process we may uncover areas of the business that need to be addressed with more specialist help and advice and to that end we have a number of trusted associates who can provide that support, including Sales training, Marketing strategy and copywriting, design and print, web design, HR and Leadership training.

So don’t delay – if your goal is to grow your business over the coming weeks and months then contact us now to take that first step!