Improve your Sales Process

Sales Process Workshop
That doesn’t sound very exciting, does it? Let’s try..

How to Win More Business in 7 easy steps!

Does that sound more appealing? Do you get that kind of email in your Inbox all the time – “promising” you that if you do what they did, then you’ll get the same results?
Well, to an extent it is true. But if YOU really WANT to get those results, it is important to realise that the work just starts with reading the e-Book, or attending the seminar; you have to keep on following the program. And we get busy, and slip back into the old and inefficient ways of working
So based on all of this, and because I get those emails too, I started asking myself – what would make a real difference to my clients*? (YOU!)
And I came up with a plan that will not only show you how to improve your sales process but will also ensure that these improvements will stay put and keep working.
So yes, I am offering a workshop, because it’s a great opportunity to get all the right team members involved.
But the workshop is just the start because there are also follow-up sessions which will ensure that the changes YOU decide to make get properly embedded in YOURbusiness.
Step one – the sales process workshop – will look at the different sales pipelines in your business – from simple quotes to major tenders (as appropriate for your business).
Then we’ll map out the different steps that need to happen in each deal, who is responsible for them, and the documents that may need to be produced at each stage.
The goal is to have straight-forward processes, that every team member follows, to ensure that NOTHING is missed on the road to closing a sale.
We will also look at the Inbound Sales model and the Buyer’s Journey to align your sales team (which may be everyone in your business) with the way that people, and businesses, buy products and services today.
But the difference is, the project does not stop at the end of the workshop. I will be there to work with you to ensure buy-in from all the team, and to make sure that the processes become part of their daily working lives. No exceptions. No sending out random quotes. No “forgetting” to follow-up!
If that sounds like a plan for YOUR business that you would like to have ready to implement right from the start of January 2017 then don’t delay – get in touch now!
It’ll cost you nothing to find out more but it could make a huge difference to your sales success.
*If you are not a client already then I’d love to work with you!