Wildcat Consulting

Is your business not performing as it should?  Are you now beyond the exciting start-up stage and looking for the next step? Wildcat Associates can help business owners to grow again and become more profitable.  We, together with carefully chosen partners, can provide consultancy in the following areas:

  • understand and analyse your important business data
  • review systems and processes particularly for fast-growing businesses
  • implement innovative sales and marketing programmes
  • provide specialist assistance for charities and social enterprises
  • and much more

So whatever keeps you awake as a business owner, or sales / marketing director, get in touch to discuss how we can help you to get your business on the upward curve again.

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Some of our Services which could benefit your business

CRM Audit – not sure if your CRM is working for you?  Maybe you’re finding it difficult to use, or have stopped using it all together.  Maybe you don’t know how to get information into it – or out of it!?  Contact us now for a free assessment call to see if we can help you to make more of the systems and software you already own!

Sales Process Workshop – having a robust, consistent approach to sales can win you more business-  we can help you to engage all members of staff and provide a great experience for customers and new prospects alike – Read more


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