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Handheld Contact allows you to synchronise your iOS, Android or BlackBerry device, with ACT! All versions of ACT! from 2005 (v7) to 2013 are supported.

HandHeld Contact is ideal for ACT! Pro users who need to maintain contact with the office ACT! database, or for ACT! Premium users who do not wish to install the Web application, or who may have connectivity issues

HandHeld Contact allows you to view and update Contact information as well as Calendar Activities and your Task List.

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Topline Designer

TopLine Designer is a navigation and design tool which provides flexible, robust database solutions for ACT! and ACT! for Web custom tables.Download their brochure


Exponenciel provide a variety of addon products for ACT! – including calculation tools, Autonumbers, Excel Invoice / Quote maker and MailChimp integration.

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