Our training is bespoke and configured to meet your exact business requirements, and to meet the needs of each individual being trained.
We will come to your place of business and you will work on your own data, working through your business proesses. We will spend a lot of time understanding your business before deciding with you what training is appropriate, and who should be trained.
Our preference is to train in small groups, for short periods of time – no-one responds well to two solid days of training – so we will agree with you before we start how, where and when training will be delivered.
If you wish off-site training this can be arranged but there may be additional cost.

Training can also be delivered ONLINE (in short bursts) so we welcome enquiries from anywhere in the universe!

Please complete our training enquiry form

The outlines below give a guide to the topics which can be addressed, but exact content would be agreed with you in advance:

We also offer training in a number of Act Addon products including Topline Designer, Topline Dash, Seamless Opportunities, MailChimp Plugin.  Contact us for details.

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