Take the CRM Challenge

The Great 2017 CRM Challenge

Whether you use CRM* software already or you don’t – are you ready for the Great 2017 CRM Challenge?

If you don’t then what stage are you at?

  • Don’t think you need to / what’s CRM?
  • Think it could be useful but don’t know where to start
  • Ready to get started!

If you do, which are you?

  • Happily using software and getting value from it
  • Using the software but think it could be doing more for you
  • Not using / given up completely as a waste of time

There are of course a multitude of other options, but these are likely to be the most common.  The point is that wherever you are on your own “CRM journey” you might need a little help.

  • Help to decide which CRM will work for you in your organisation
  • Help to make better use of the CRM you already have
  • Help to get the team engaged and using the CRM system

Whether you have CRM or you want to find out more about it then get in touch and take the Challenge!

*CRM or Customer Relationship Management software helps you to organise your business’s sales and marketing activities.