I have rebranded!

Hi everyone!

I rebranded last year as a Consultant and Coach – helping small and solo business owners reach for success.

If you own or run a business and you need some help then please do get in touch – but please visit the new website to find out more! 



catcripps.com coach and consultant

What do we Do?

We help clients build profitable relationships and grow their businesses

Our clients benefit from great business processes, control over finances and can manage their important business relationships to enable them to grow their businesses.

CRM solutions

There are as many CRM solutions as there are days in a year – maybe even more.  However the right solution for your business may not be the market leader, and it certainly probably won’t be the cheapest.  Let us help guide you to a decision.


Accredited to sell and support Act for many years – this hybrid solution is a great solution for many businesses.

Process Workshops

Before you throw yourself into your shiny new software, think about your business processes – we can help you and your team to sort out your processes prior to systems implementation

ERP solutions

Our preferred solution is Priority ERP – a flexible, cloud-based solution – find out more

Software Implementation Services

Implementing a software solution – even a cloud-based one – is not simply a matter of providing your email address and credit card details.  We can help to choose the right system, analyse data and transfer from legacy systems, customise the new system to your requirements and train your staff (and that’s just some of it!)

User Training

If your staff can’t use the system effectively, then you have probably wasted your money.  Get the best Return on Investment from your software “purchase” by making sure everyone on the team can use the system productively.

How can we help you?

Book a quick call!  How can we help you in your business?

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