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At Wildcat Solutions, we have a history of implementing Customer Relationship Management Systems.  The exact solution depends on you requirements to please get in touch to find out more

Our Approach

We have many years experience in implementing Customer Relationship Management Systems – every organisation has different requirements so please get in touch to discuss your needs

Business Process is in Our Blood

Have you heard of organisations who invest in new software only to complain that it “doesn’t work” and then they either stop using or – worse – replace it with another system.  Only to find that that one “doesn’t work” either!

So where does the problem lie?  Rarely is the software the problem – it is more likely that the implementation has failed because there was not enough time spent on establishing robust business processes before (or during) the commissioning of the new system.

We believe in business process and we will start by analysis how your business works – and how it could be streamlined and made more efficient – using the software as a tool.

If you already have a system in place then we can help to look at your processes so that the software can work better for you.

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