We are Passionate About Building Tools to help you grow your business

At Wildcat Solutions, we help businesses implement and use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. After many years supporting businesses, we understand that our clients don’t want complicated – they want effective. Business software has to do the job it’s needed for, in as easy a way as possible.
We work with small and growing organisations both locally in Central Scotland and across the UK – and from all sectors. All have one thing in common – they want software that will help them run their business better.

Our Approach

We’ve found that the most successful way to implement new systems is to get to know your business first. Once your software is installed, we want to spend time helping you make the most of it, not troubleshooting problems.
So, we work with you to get a clear view of what you need – rather than what we can sell.
From initial contact and requirements gathering to after-sales support, you’ll always deal with people who know the products and understand your business. This means we implement the right software – first time. Then we train the right people to use it effectively, leaving you to get on with running your business.

Our accreditations
We work hard to keep up-to-date with the latest software releases and technical innovations out there. We’ve been an Accredited Act! Business Partner (ACC) for 13 years and, to keep our industry accreditations, we have to provide excellent customer service too. So you can trust us to have the expertise and support you need.

Accredited Act Business Partner

Why specialise?
We support most CRM and eMarketing software solutions, but Act is our speciality. In our experience, it offers one of the best solutions for small and medium sized businesses.
To us, it’s a win-win, especially as it can be in the cloud or on-premise – or a hybrid of both.


….we’ve got expertise in other CRMs – or we have associates who do – from CapsuleCRM to Salesforce – we can provide the consultancy and training you require to grow your business.  And it’s not about replacing what you have – we can help you to get a better return on your original investment in a CRM.

Business Process is in Our Blood

Have you heard of organisations who invest in new software only to complain that it “doesn’t work” and then they either stop using or – worse – replace it with another system.  Only to find that that one “doesn’t work” either!

So where does the problem lie?  Rarely is the software the problem – it is more likely that the implementation has failed because there was not enough time spent on establishing robust business processes before (or during) the commissioning of the new system.

We believe in business process and we will start by analysis how your business works – and how it could be streamlined and made more efficient – using the software as a tool.

If you already have a system in place then we can help to look at your processes so that the software can work better for you.

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