Are you Customer Focused?

is your business customer focused


I recently attended a seminar on digital strategy.

You might have expected this to be about technology?

Absolutely not – the main focus was on the relationship between enterprises and their CUSTOMERS!

Business has changed.  No longer does it depend on smart-suited sales reps in shiny cars.  Today’s buyer is savvy and educated, and most of all – does not want to be “sold at”.

Consider your own behaviour.  When you are making any kind of purchase beyond the grocery shopping you tend to surf the web looking for information.  You may also consult reference sites such as TripAdvisor or Trustpilot – but in general you like to do your homework, long before you talk to the company concerned.

focused on customer

So our potential customers are judging us long before we even know who we are.  And when they start to engage – how easy do you make it for them?  Do you give them access to key information and help them to understand how engaging with you will benefit your business – or are you still demanding that they talk to a salesperson right at the start?

Once they do engage do you give them a consistent experience, with no surprises?  If your offering is digital can they have a free trial, without taking their credit card details (that “this makes it easier if you decide to subscribe” nonsense fools no-one – its easier for YOU!).

If your business is not online, how easy do you make it to “onboard”?  Do you send them something they have to print out, fill in, scan and send back (or worse, do you make them post it!).  Or do you have a seamless e-signature system for your contracts?

Once they are a customer, is it easy to do business with you – can you say, hand on heart, that you have walked through the customer experience and made it as good as it can be?

The concept of “UX” or user experience, is largely thought to apply to the digital world.  But if you are not giving your online AND offline customers the best experience you risk losing them – because someone else will!

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