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Business Success Society

You are a solo / small business owner.  You set up your business because you were passionate about helping customers.

But – you spend a huge amount of time doing all the other “stuff” that small business owners have to do!  Accounts, marketing, sales – the list goes on!  You end up working late at night and at weekends.  You wonder if it’s possible to have a social or a family life – or a holiday!

The Business Success Society Facebook group exists for people like YOU!  You maybe live outside a big city and lack for business support?  You don’t have a close network of business owners who understand the challenges!

If you want MORE then join our Club – for only £45 a month you get access to a number of online courses, specific teaches relevant to your business and access to coaching calls


The Business Success Society

The Business Success Society is a Facebook group for solo/small bsuiness owners – although we welcome anyone in business who identifies with the challenges! We support each other to grow our businesses (whatever that means to you) and to find ways of falling in love with your business again!  There are little teaches and helpful hints and a Monday morning Social (facebook live) where we get together to greet the week!

So come and join the fun – you won’t regret it!  One of our members says:

I am loving the group and learning lots of stuff that i didn’t think I wanted to learn, if that makes sense. Thinking about the customer avatar thing (which I had never consciously thought about before) has helped me enormously. So….Thank You   Jane Brindley – owner of Horse Riding with Confidence Scotland

Business Success Society


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