Lead Magnets

how lead magnets can attract the customers you want


This week’s blog follows on from last week when we talked about email Open Rates.  We have talked about the Inbound methodology many times now, where our goal is to ATTRACT new customers using social media.

There are people out there who need your products and/or services – but they don’t know you exist (yet).  They have a problem to solve, whether that’s finding a therapist, booking a holiday or buying a new backpack.   Sometimes people will have a pain they are trying to avoid (maybe literally in the case of the therapist!) and sometimes they are looking for a “pleasure” such as a holiday or a new car.

I always say – what YOU do in these situations?   You might ask family and friends for recommendations – but in the most part, even if you have a short list, you will spend a few happy hours online doing some research.

And that’s what your prospective customers do too!  So what you need to do is get some content out there that they will find an engage with, and they will “give you something” in exchange for it.  At this point you are looking to educate and possibly entertain. What you are NOT doing is selling!

And this is the Lead Magnet – the piece of content that will attract those unknown contacts to you.  It won’t just be a run of the mill blog – there needs to be a little bit more value in it, because you want them to want it enough to give you their details.

Good Lead Magnets will be (short) ebooks, whitepapers, “how-to” videos, infographics, listicles (yes really – that’s one of those “Listy” articles such as 57 ways to shave your dog or whatever).

It must deliver some value to the prospective customer, it must demonstrate to them that you know what you are talking about and it must be something that they will give up some information for.

From your social media post (a tweet, insta post or facebook post) you redirect the contact to a Landing Page. Because they “land” there! This can be something your email provider can do (MailChimp or LeadPages) or it can be a page on your website – but a page which cannot be reached by the navigation.

On that page you tell them more about the thing you are giving away and you ask for their details in return so that you can continue the conversation.  Research indicates that at this stage they really won’t want to give you everything including their shoe size so ask for their email address, and if you think they will be up for it, their name as well.  DON’T ask for a phone number at this stage – you will more than likely put them off!

You can automate the next stage – sending them the content – but the main point is that you now have them in your database. Don’t forget to ask for permission to send more stuff.  You can  then send them follow up information (more educational stuff) and then work towards converting them to a customer.

Give some thought as to what you could use as Lead Magnets in your business.

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