Moirs Cleaning – case study

Moirs Cleaning is based in Falkirk and has been providing domestic and commercial cleaning services in Central Scotland for over 11 years. Customer information was stored in an Excel spreadsheet – but the business is growing rapidly and this was no longer sustainable.  Wildcat Solutions first met with Cariss Moir (Managing Director) in June 2015 to look at how a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system could bring benefits to the business in the following ways:

Moirs Cleaning case study act crm customer success

  • Provide a central, shareable database of all contact information so that members of the office staff can rapidly access up-to-date and accurate contact information
  • Store relevant information such as frequency of cleans, holiday dates and special instructions for each client
  • Maintain a list of prospects to ensure follow-up of enquiries, appointment management etc.
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook means that emails sent to and from clients can easily be stored in the database so that a full client history is maintained
  • Provide email marketing capabilities to keep clients informed regarding staff changes, latest offers and so on.

Wildcat Solutions installed Act contact management for two users and imported customer information from the Excel spreadsheet. Initially there were two office-based members of staff and the business is growing rapidly and so this has now grown to four, and so two more licences have been added.
A “remote” database was installed on the MD’s laptop which means that the laptop can be taken offsite and then any changes will synchronise back into the main database whenever the laptop is reconnected to the office network. This means that she can work seamlessly from any location (without the need for a wifi connection).
In the future it is planned to create invoices directly from within Act and also to connect to Appointment software so that clients and prospects can book their own slots.

Cariss says “We were getting busier and busier our system of ‘sticky note pads’ was becoming less effective. We were on a planned expa

nsion and as part of this we were looking for a system that could collate all the information regarding our clients that all our office based staff could have access to. Our biggest issue was that most of the information was in my head and I had to make sure that we had systems, policies & procedures in place to take us to the next level. We looked at a couple of Database suppliers but decided to use Wildcat Solutions based on Cat’s knowledge. Cat took the time to have a couple of meetings with us and to she was full of suggestions as to how we could make this system work for us. We started off using the database for the basic client information collation and have now progressed to include Newsletters too. Our office staff have fully embraced the systems and it makes our life so much easier. We all have access to the same information and would be in complete chaos without Act! ”

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