More than MailChimp

more to crm than just email marketing

I’m a bit of a “CRM (Customer Relationship Management) freak” and so I often ask business owners if they have a CRM system in their organisation.

Sometimes people say they have – it’s MailChimp.  Now – MailChimp is a fabulous tool, and is an excellent “ESP” (Email Service Provider) but as a CRM it has limitations – even if you are segmenting your lists.  (And if you’re not, you’re missing a trick!)

However, it’s a great place to start and you can start to gather contacts through it with signup forms and landing pages.

Why am I suggesting you need more?  Because a CRM can give you so much more than a mailing list- – you can gather information on industry sectors (B2B) or demographics (B2C) and also start to look at which products your customers buy and when.  Track sales opportunities, or keep records of email conversations, phone calls and meetings.

Most CRMs now will link to MailChimp so that you can feed your contacts into MailChimp to execute a campaign, and some will let you bring the campaign results back into your CRM.  And there’s where you get your productivity boost – everything connected and all systems mirroring the same data – with little effort.  Your marketing spend will go further too.

So – short and sweet this time – if you have a CRM, consider linking it to MailChimp, and if you don’t then think about all the other benefits a CRM could bring to your business – more than simply allowing you to send email marketing messages!

PS – other email marketing systems are available – and many will link to CRMs – so choose wisely!


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