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This is an updated version of an old blog!  In the last few weeks and months we have discussed Inbound Sales, I have talked about nurturing all those folk who have found our Lead Magnet and given us their email address – but what can we learn from the campaigns we send out?

How many of you send out email marketing campaigns?  I should imagine there are not many people out there who are not on the receiving end of – it seems limitless – emarketing campaigns.  Some we have “signed up” for, and will come from suppliers we have used and relate to products we have actually purchased (or similar products that we have a fair chance of being interested in). And many won’t.

If you do send out email marketing campaigns then you have probably thought about the “open rate” you are looking to achieve.  This essentially means that if you send out 100 emails and 23 people open it you have a 23% open rate.  Impressive maths, huh!?

The problem is – this really doesn’t really tell you very much.  You may also, from your email marketing provider, get metrics such as the number of times a particular contact has opened one of your fabulous emails?  Yet again, this can be incredibly misleading.

How often do you open an email on your phone, decide you’re not interested and instantly delete?  That’s an “open”!  So already that’s deceptive – no-one has actually read or engaged with the content.  Or – you may open it a few times on your phone (again, not really reading it) and then on your PC in Outlook.  Lots more “opens”!  And, do you use the Outlook Reading Pane?  Yep – you’ve guessed it!  Every time that email is displayed in the Reading Pane it registers as an “Open”

My record is 147 – one client apparently “opened” one of my emails 147 times! I am not even sure how that is possible!?

So how do you really measure engagement?  Simply add a link to your email – either to a web page, or to a document (PDF) that the recipient can download.  You can even use it to direct people to exclusive content on your website – because then you will KNOW who viewed that page! Now you have an instant list of people who are really interested in your product or service.  Get on the phone now!

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