Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

sales process CRM build businessIt’s a well-known fact that no-one would have any presents at Christmas if it weren’t for Santa and his team of elves (and the Reindeer delivery service).

The fact is that Santa is already planning for Christmas 2019 – all the toys for this year have been allocated (have you been good this year?) and wrapped ready for delivery next week.

Santa will have a couple of days off after his exhausting night delivering all around the world but then he will be straight back to work to make sure there are enough toys for next year.

How does he do it?

1.      Customer avatar – he knows who his ideal customer is – and so he can make sure he tailors his goods and services accordingly

2.      Sales Process – he has spent time working on his sales process so that once the letters start coming in he can make sure that the gifts are all allocated properly – and the elves can make more of what’s required

3.      Team work – the elves know that they are On the Team – that they are part of the whole enterprise and that they have a part to play in ensuring everything goes to plan on Christmas Eve.

4.      He’s got a great CRM system in place – all the information he and the elves need is organised and of course stored securely – we can’t have him contravening the GDPR rules).

So – would you like your business to be as well-organised and efficient as Santa’s?  My gift to you is a FREE one-hour consultation to see how your business can use systems and technology to become a world-class enterprise like his!  Contact me now to book a time!

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