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Task Lists! Are you an organised person who likes to make detailed tasks lists and tick things off religiously – or are you constantly chasing your tail lurching from one task to the next but never completing anything?

Most of us are probably somewhere between these two extremes.  Making lists but sometimes getting distracted and so not quite completing everything – or making lists and not managing them effectively.

One of the benefits of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) is the ability to schedule tasks – reminders to call people back, reminders to send a quotation, reminders to follow up.  Sometimes people will say they have use the Task List in (e.g.)  Outlook which of course will work, but the benefit of doing it in your CRM is that the activity is then tagged to the individual/company as appropriate.  This also means that when the task is completed the history is then visible against that contact/company – for everyone to see.

What’s the benefit of that? Well that means that anyone else in your organisation attempting to make contact with the same individual or company will be able to see that you are already in contact, and why and what has already happened.  And even if you have shared calendars in Outlook, people might be able to see your meetings, but they can’t get a sense of who that’s with and the context in which it’s happening.

making to-do lists and checking them off

Even if you are on your own in a business, a few months down the line it can be really helpful for you to see that interaction and perhaps use it to your advantage.  People love to be remembered, so bringing up a conversation you had two years ago can be extremely beneficial!

If you need to then you can often link your CRM to your Outlook calendar – which some people find beneficial.   This can also work well if not everyone in the organisation has access to CRM (I would argue that they should, however)!

In summary – consider using your CRM task list more, to help build a clearer picture of the entire relationship with the contact or company.  And increase your productivity by having systems integrated and everything in its place – all ticked off!

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