All Change

Whatever your political leanings, the next few months and years will bring significant change to the business landscape.  And whether you believe those changes are for the better or not, if your business does not adjust in line with the new economic circumstances, you will risk being left behind. Michael Gerber, in E-Myth Mastery, says …

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Sic Transit

I’ve just returned from a short break in Mallorca.  I had booked airport transfers, but it wasn’t a great experience. On the way out, despite having booked a “speedy transfer” of no more than 4 stops, I was on a coach for nearly 2 hours and 19 stops! On the way back I attempted to …

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Let It Go!

Nope – no apologies for you having the earworm now!  (I had to endure it whilst writing!) So – what are you letting go of?  This piece was prompted by a conversation with a networking contact who said that she (let’s call her Elsa!) would like to start “letting go” of the business and maybe …

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