Total Customer Experience

total customer experience

In past blogs I’ve talked about the buyer’s journey – and the experience that the customer has on that journey – from unknown to full on customer.  We have learned that every single step along the way you have the opportunity to delight the prospect – or otherwise.  And we have talked about the other people in – or associated with – your organisation who can also exert an influence.

But today I wanted to talk about the Total Customer experience – and I had been thinking about how to present it when I found myself watching Remarkable Places to Eat which a couple of weeks ago came from Edinburgh

If you have been lucky enough to go to a Michelin starred restaurant you will be aware that it’s not ALL about the food.  The food is important, of course, but it’s the TOTAL EXPERIENCE that determines whether that restaurant makes the cut or not.

And you don’t have to have white linen tablecloths and all that malarkey – but what you do need to provide is “atmosphere, service and comfort”.    It doesn’t even have to be fine dining

The experience at The Kitchin (and no I haven’t been there – yet) is dependent on the PEOPLE.  The staff are trained to exceptionally high standards, and the training goes on daily.  They all have to attend a meeting pre-service where they are told about the dishes that will be on the menu that day so that they understand them absolutely.  They have a team of whisky experts who pair whisky with food.  They have people to brush the furry stools.

What Michelin does value is consistency – and again the training is absolutely crucial for that – to ensure that every time a customer dines there they get the best experience possible – there is no room for an off-night.

SO – what can you do in YOUR business?

Take the time to step back – look at every aspect of your business from the customer’s eye. If you were your customer how would you want to be treated?  If you have people coming to your premises is it easy for them to find and park?  Is the receptionist friendly – remember all the people who might not be employed by you, but who come into contact with customers – is everything laid out the best way for the customer?

It all seems very obvious – and I am sure you have thought about it before – but walk through it again – think to yourself how can I make EVERYTHING better – not just your own products and services – every little step – how do they book – who answers the phone – and – what happens afterwards – aftercare?!  If you use serviced offices with no parking and a grouchy receptionist then you may have to consider moving!

Make it ALL the best it can possibly be!   And – scary though it may be – ask for feedback!

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