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problems with keeping CRM up to date

Someone asked me a week or so ago what to do about their CRM which they log into only rarely and is out of date and therefore not very helpful – and how to avoid this.

There are three main ways to avoid this situation:

It lives with you – your CRM should be as much a part of your daily working life as I bet Outlook (or your chosen email system) is.  (You might be one of the few individuals who really manages their Inbox and doesn’t stay logged in all day but I am betting you’re not!)  So – my mantra in training is – when you reach the office and switch on your PC or laptop you should start up your CRM when you start Outlook.  CRM will only work if you are living “In” it – looking up contacts and reading your notes before you make a call, making a note and/or scheduling a follow-up task after the call is complete.  Many CRMs will integrate with your phone system to make this process even easier  However, the point is – if you make a call and then later on have to open CRM to make a note – well it won’t happen, will it!

time management spend time managing your time

Mobile apps will help with this as well – you’ll be able to look up the contact in the app on your phone and make that call on your phone – then there will be a prompt for you to make a note before moving onto the next task.  Just finished a client appointment?– use your mobile app to “close” the meeting and add notes and any follow up tasks that might be required. So make sure your chosen CRM has a mobile app – even if you are the only user, you will see a benefit!  It’s now much easier to keep it up to date.

Little and often is the mantra – good time management decrees that you should spend time managing your time!  Take 5-10 minutes at the end of the working day to “tick off” any completed tasks that you have missed and roll over uncompleted tasks to the next available time slot.  If you’ve added new contacts then make sure they are complete and have been tagged and added to the appropriate lists.  In this way everything is kept up to date and you won’t have to face a “mammoth” task to get things back on track.

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