Who’s on Your Team

who supports you in your business

I work with a range of businesses of different sizes and shapes, and some of them are solo businesses – where the owner is also the “Technician” in the E-Myth world, who delivers the products and services as well as handling everything else in the business – from Sales and Marketing to Accounts and Fleet Management (remembering the car needs an MOT).

Most of those solopreneurs (myself included) can find life, and business, very tough at times.  When we need to keep the content marketing going (which I am doing *right now*), as well as file a VAT return, send out invoices, deal with suppliers, meet a new prospect, AND write and deliver a training course by Thursday.  (Yep that’s all me).

If we came from a corporate world then it is likely that we focused on one role, whilst a whole department existed to send out invoices and produce management reports, or go out and meet new clients, keep the coffee machine filled, procure a new car, and so on.  And now we have our own business, with the freedom to service the clients in the way we want to, and love what we do – and yet, it’s hard to love all that other stuff.  And we don’t want to hire staff (yet).

BUT – it doesn’t need to be that way!

For any task, you have several options:

  • Do it yourself
  • Outsource it
  • Automate it
  • Ignore it! (best not to do that with the VAT return)

There is a fifth option which I will come to later.

You can do it yourself – if you a) love it and b) the cost of getting someone else to do it is more than you could be earning for your own services during that time.

You can outsource it if you hate the task – bookkeeping is probably not your thing, for example – and the cost of outsourcing is probably less that you could be earning, or you could be doing something more useful like meeting that new prospect.

You can automate it, or set up processes in your business to make the task easier – you might create templates to make sending proposals quicker and easier as a good example, or automate sending follow-up emails to each customer who purchases from you.

You can ignore it (subject to the caveat above!) if you think it’s really not worth doing!  Will this matter to me in 5 years?

The fifth option is not to procrastinate – that’s a whole other topic – but it is Collaboration.  You can surround yourself with a bigger “team” who can complement each other with similar or complementary skill sets.  You can feel “bigger” and have help getting stuff done.  Maybe you can share the social media load, or event planning or whatever.  It’s usually more fun to work with someone else than toil on your own, and you can also have a group of people you can reach out to when things get tough and you need support.

So you don’t need to be on your own in your business and you don’t have to hire staff.

You can build a team of people around you who can support you and help you to build a successful business. Remember your customer journey, however, and make sure that everyone who is on your team has the same values as you, and can reflect your business the way you want your customers to perceive it.

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